Born of Osiris – The Discovery


Born of Osiris has been one of my favorite bands since I first heard The New Reign in 2008. Back then, they were mostly a deathcore band that had some pretty interesting rhythms that weren’t found in most deathcore, especially at that time. When A Higher Place came out, I was initially disappointed in it, that it wasn’t that similar to The New Reign. After listening to it, I realized it was taking them in a new direction, one that can’t really be pinpointed to a genre. It was heavier and more melodic at the same time. More progressive.

Then comes The Discovery. Fifteen tracks of the best music Born of Osiris has ever made. The production was a lacking factor on A Higher Place and it is vastly improved upon on this album. The band’s excellent rhythm section is given a better seat in the mix, instead of just existing to service the mids and highs of the guitar work.

Guitarist Jason Richardson (formerly of All Shall Perish, now in Chelsea Grin) is easily the best performer on this record. Unlike most music of this genre, Richardson’s guitar parts maintain some personality while still having a lot of sweeps and solo elements.

Over the course of Born of Osiris’s career they’ve implemented keyboards more and more into their music. Keyboardist Joe Buras adds extra layers of texture to the already heavily layered music, but it never feels overloaded or too busy. Buras also lays down some vocals that are, in my opinion, even better than vocalist Ronnie Canizaro’s.

If you’re into deathcore or want to hear something pretty interesting and unique, check out  The Discovery. It’s easily the best Born of Osiris record and I’m interested to see where they go from here.


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