Notes on Vader – The Ultimate Incantation


Vader’s The Ultimate Incantation is my first Vader album, and I figured instead of reviewing it, I would give notes on my first listen. They’re a bit disorganized, but that’s how it goes I guess.

I don’t have too much to say on the intro, “Creation”. It sets the mood for more of a slower, more crushing band, which is a misconception I had about Vader.

Dark Age starts and immediately shows you what Vader is about. Claim your purism all you want, but I’m hearing Kerry King in these solos. In the vocal department, I’m really liking it. They’re gutteral but they have another quality to them that I can’t quite pinpoint.

At this point, minus a few of the death metal elements like deep growls and the occasional blastbeat, this is really starting to remind me of a classic Slayer album. I love me some Slayer so this is alright. So far my favorite track is “Final Massacre”. The opening is heavy and it has the makings of an epic, like Slayer’s “Raining Blood”.

I’ve failed to mention the great production on this. It sounds like classic death metal but the guitars sound great. It’s easy to discern the notes and there’s a great tone going on here.

The opening to Testimony slows it down just a little bit, which is what every great thrash album needs. At least a couple moments of less speed so the listener can catch their breath. Vader’s slower moments so far have been my favorite. That’s where their riffs really shine.

The last track, “Breath of Centuries” was pretty awesome. I liked the heavy bells in the intro and then how the song lets loose. Great closer.

Overall I can say I’ll be returning to this and other Vader albums. I don’t know anything about Vader albums after this, so I don’t know if they have the same style or not. I’m liking this a lot, but I’d be more interested to see what they could do at a slower pace.


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