Defeated Sanity – Chapters of Repugnance


Call them what you want, Defeated Sanity are one of the most brutal bands out there. They manage to achieve the brutality of bands like early Decrepit Birth without having all of the overboard guitar stuff of Brain Drill. Defeated Sanity doesn’t change a thing with their new LP, Chapters of Repugnance, but that’s okay. You don’t get a bunch of over the top solos, decipherable lyrics, or any room to breathe, which is what you want, right? What you do get is nine songs of the most intense and pounding metal laid to tape.

The guitars mostly chug along, with an occasional squeal or two. Most of the technicality lies in the drums. Drummer Lille Gruber is without a doubt in the upper echelon of death metal drummers, especially with so many death metal bands using drum machines now. 

My only real complaints are with a couple things in the production. Due to the distortion of the guitars, it’s hard to tell when the notes are changing, especially during the chugging parts.  Also, the vocals could do with being a little less monotone. They’re fine, but a little more variation would make them great. 


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